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Below The Line: Crafting Connections Beyond the Ordinary Lines of Marketing.

BTL Activations


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Events & Exhibitions create immersive platforms for showcasing products and ideas, fostering connections between businesses and their audience. These dynamic gatherings offer a unique blend of engagement, networking, and brand visibility.

Events & Exhibitions

On Ground Activations bring brands to life through hands-on, interactive experiences, creating lasting connections with the audience in real-world settings.

On Ground Activations

Printing & Merchandising provides tailored solutions for effective brand communication through high-quality printed materials and branded merchandise.

Printing & Merchandising

OOH Advertising, or Out-of-Home Advertising, leverages public spaces such as billboards and transit locations to deliver impactful brand messages, ensuring broad visibility and engagement beyond traditional media channels.

OOH Advertising

Retail Branding shapes a captivating and cohesive brand identity, enhancing customer engagement and leaving a lasting impression within the retail landscape.

Retail Branding

What We Offer

  • BTL marketing is often more cost-effective, offers a targeted approach to specific demographics, and allows for direct interaction, fostering a more personal connection with the audience.

  • BTL activities include promotions, direct mail, product demonstrations, sponsorships, experiential marketing, and other direct engagements with the target audience outside traditional media channels.

  • BTL marketing is versatile and applicable across various industries. However, it is particularly common in sectors such as FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods), events, hospitality, and retail.

  • Social media campaigns can have elements of both BTL and ATL marketing. When focused on direct engagement, promotions, and personalized interactions, they align with BTL strategies.

  • Yes, BTL marketing is scalable and adaptable, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can leverage BTL activities to create localized and impactful campaigns.

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