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Our Story

At our core, we firmly believe in the capabilities of individuals. Our diverse team of innovative thinkers confronts obstacles head-on and collaborates to create solutions that surpass expectations. By promoting transparent communication and respecting every individual's perspective, we guarantee that our clients are involved in the process from the beginning.

The goal is to build an environment where everyone feels respected, valued and ultimately, included. By fostering this culture of inclusivity we are able to attract and retain the best talent, while also creating a more productive and innovative workplace.

Our Team

Meet Makwana


Capture the essence of success and vision with our Founder at MME Group. A dynamic individual at the helm, blending expertise and innovation to steer MME Group towards unparalleled heights. The image showcases leadership, determination, and the entrepreneurial spirit that drives MME Group's journey to excellence in the world of business.

Niket Makwana

Business Development Executive

Vibrant and dynamic image showcasing a diverse group of professionals collaborating in a modern office space, symbolizing the English Team's teamwork and innovation.

Shruti Naik

Jr.  Motion / Graphic Designer

Eye-catching visual featuring the English Team members engaged in a brainstorming session, capturing the essence of creativity and strategic thinking.

Meet Patel

Photographer / Content Creator

Engaging photo capturing a moment of mentorship within the team, underlining the knowledge-sharing culture and continuous learning ethos of the MME Team.

Harsh Chudasama

Jr. Web Developer

MME Group Team Photo

Yash Bharwad

Marketing Executive 

MME Group Team Photo

Viren Makwana


MME Group Team Photo

Mittal Parmar

Team Lead

MME Group Team Photo

Jignesh Rathod

Account Executive

Bhaviak Parmar

Sr. Business Development Executive 

MME Group Team Photo

Us in Numbers


Team Member


Business Partners in over 30 Countries


Years of Experience

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